Tuesday, June 17, 2008

South Carolina / Georgia 2008

We are back again from a very enjoyable trip to South Carolina to visit Peter and Lauralee and family in Greenville. On our way there we stopped in to see some dear Christian friends, Rob and Kathie, in Atlanta, Georgia. We have been corresponding with them for some years since Rob also has ALS (since 4 years). We had a delightful visit with them and could encourage each other in the Lord, who is good and sovereign in all He does. It was like meeting old friends, even though we had never met before. We praise the Lord for allowing us this opportunity for fellowship!
We traveled on and were, that same day, at Peter and Lauralee's place. The Lord blessed us with safety and the ability to travel so that we could witness Peter's ordination as pastor of the OPC of Greenville. The next Lordsday were were blessed being able to witness Peter baptizing his youngest daughter Katie.

We stayed at Table Rock State Park in SC., where we had rented a (handicapped accessible) cabin.

This week (on Saturday June 21st) we hope to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary with all our children, grandchildren and Canadian relatives.

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